The Truth about Transformer Manufacturers

There are so many companies for transformer manufacturers available on the market today. These are meant to deal with supply power distribution of transformers. Usually, these would include high efficient transformers of amorphous metal core, battery chargers, package substations, electrical equipment and last but not the least, switch gear.

Most of the said companies would assess the requirements of those in need of power. Of course, there are needs that they would want to be fulfilled for sure. The aim here is to obtain a cost effective and even reliable solution of power. This should work best not just for the customer, but also for the whole environment. These are the usual needs. For most of the time, the equipment supplied can be newly manufactured. There are instances when the gear is just re-engineered. It would really depend on the idea. There are guarantees provided by the leading industry out there.

The Various Kinds of Transformers (

There are so many kinds of transformers out there. For those who are interested, it may help a lot to know about their range and applications. In what way can this occur? Look at the following types:

  • Substations
  • Super low amorphous transformers
  • Battery chargers
  • Switchgear
  • Toroidal transformers
  • Voltage optimization
  • Tool and site transformers
  • Step up and step down transformers

When it comes to the size of step up and step down transformers, they are usually small. Their weight can be very light too. This is why they are easily installable. They can be made a part of an existing equipment. They can also be supplied into a particular enclosure. This can occur by plugging, or even without plugging a receptacle and cord. This is how it has always been.

Site and tool transformers are said to be utilized for power tools, lighting applications and machinery. These are directed towards the building sites. These can also be housed in a particular fiberglass. This is always ideal in providing security and durability. The site and tool transformers can be in voltages of 110, 230 and 415. These are the best when it comes to conforming to safety standards no matter how strict they may be. That is how they have always been.


There are also instances when these waterproof transformers are used for outdoors. These are essential too. However, they have to observe an input of 230, 12 to 24 voltage first. These are the common kinds of transformers usually seen in outdoor lighting. They are also observed in most powering garden pond pumps.


Transformers are considered to be devices that are meant to transfer electrical energy from a circuit to the other. This can be attained by passing an electricity through the coils of the transformers. These coils are sometimes dubbed as inductively coupled inductors. This is the case because they mostly have coils which are wounded around a particular ferromagnetic core. The transformers may be produced in a wide array of size. These can be small enough that they may fit a microphone. There are instances when they can be large though. They may weigh a ton.