Extra Work Burden On UK’s Labor Force

This is getting quite a worse phenomenon nowadays with almost all the world’s energy but especially with the workers of UK such as these Wirral builders who have been hid hard. This has been one of their biggest worries that the work pressure is increasing day by day and with the expansion in an industry it has been seen that the construction sites are implementing a high amount of work burden on their labor force. And instead of employing more labor they are increasing the working hours of the Britain worker.

Extra Workload Without Additional Payment

This has been one the worse scenario in the life of the labor. First of all, they have to work a lot, and then quite often they have to work for several extra hours other than their working hours. But when any labor is doing extra work and doing all his hard work then the last thing that he wants is to get paid according to the additional hours that he worked, but unfortunately, this is also not happening in the major part of the building and professional industry of UK. The labor is firstly forced to work extra time and then all of this job becomes unpaid, and the worker had to suffer. So this is quite a heartbreaking scenario for any employee of any class. And this situation has to be controlled before it gets out of hands.

Results Of The Latest Research About This Case

Recently a study was conducted by one of the money saving website of the UK, and the result was a real disappointment for everyone. In this study, they were asked that how often they have to work for extra hours and the result shows that an average worker has to work 12 hours extra a week other than the contracted work hours. This appears to be quite disappointing stats and furthermore it was found that a worker has to work at least one day per week extra. The main problem which arises after this research was that almost 81% of the workers admit that quite frequently they have to eat all their three meal in a day at work which gives us the evidence that the working hours is far more than the max limit of 12 hours a day. 61% percent of these workers also admitted that this work remains unpaid, and they work as a volunteer, and this situation has to be controlled for the sake of the labor force in the UK.