Difficulties In Achieving The Government’s Construction Targets

According to latest updates and news from the sources, it is looking quite impossible for the government to reach the building objectives and this is quite a worrying situation for the government. Although the government had adopted quite some measures to increase the production speed and productivity Consequently, they have failed to make any noticeable progress in this field. Now the government should take this problem more seriously and adopt some quick measures to get the production speed back on track. Some of the root causes through which the government has failed to achieve their construction target are as follows.


Shortage Of Labor Force

 No construction is possible without the skilled labor and enough labor, so this is the most important factor which is involved in the development other than the capital resources and land. Labor had always been scarce, and it is never available in enough quantity. So the labor is considered to be the cause of the failure of building construction industry which has failed to make his mark on the government’s progress. A shortage of labor force is the biggest concern for the Government in meeting development targets and in the growth of the building industry. However, the industry has argued that the biggest problem facing that government is facing regarding achieving of the Government’s target of construction is the shortage of ‘feet on the ground.’ One Way has given emphasis that these objectives should have included greater contemplation of the workers requirements which will have a significant impact in maximizing the productivity.

Why Is Labor Scarce?

 The main point which arises in this situation is that why the workforce in the UK is so odd that it is not even available in any proper quantity and far from enough. The main problem which the worker faces is firstly the lack of proper training. Our large no. of the workforce is quite uneducated about their work. Therefore, they failed to become productive in this field and failed to give the desired results. Another main problem behind the scarcity of the labor is the low wages and pays of the labor in which the worker usually suffers. Or nowadays over time at working site and also unpaid hours also causes the distraction in the mind of the work and the labor tends to panic of the system.