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6 creating your own book myths dispelled

Many people can write; but only a few actually end up publishing their own book. This is because there are a few myths and misconceptions hat prevent them from taking the first step from sharing their story and writing skills with the world. Are any of these myths preventing you too from create your own book?

1.Not good enough
This is the most intimidating myth writer’s face,feeling they are not good enough to write a book. However little do they know that writing a book depends more on having a good understanding of mind-mapping and outlining than writing the book itself. Besides, everyone’s first draft is horrible and even the most successful writer goes through numerous edits before ending up with the polished version of their book.

2.It’s expensive to self-publish a book
This is another huge misconception as it is you; the writer today determines your book publishing costs. Of course, there are a few things you have to invest in for a successful book like an editor, but costs for other aspects like the cover design and distribution all lie in your hands, depending on how much you want to invest.The marketing aspect too is so much easier and cheaper today as you can depend on digital tools like social media, email and websites to help you out.

3.Not qualified
Many writers feel they can’t write a book because they don’t have the qualifications to do so. However this is a huge misconception as there are no qualifications to be met to create your own book. All you need is your imagination, experience and writing skill to bring out the book in you!

4.No publisher or book deal
While this may have been true a few decades ago, things have dramatically changed now. You no longer need to depend on publishers to publish as publishing books has now become a democracy, where you the writer can choose who to publish your book!

5.No time
This is another common reason for people to back out from creating their book. However they should know that no one actually has time to write a book. You have to just get started, and you will automatically find time to start writing. You have to learn to set your priorities right, and devote some time, at least an hour a day to your book, as you do to everything else in your life.

6.Books don’t earn much
It is true that your book may or may not make money.It all depends on not only your writing, but also your launch team’s efficiency at ensuring your book gets the required traction to give you the returns you

However writers should also realize that writing books don’t just benefit them monetarily.  They should also realize that a book gives them various other long time opportunities like long term value, exposure, improved
PR, business leads, initiations to give guest posts and much more.

With these 6 myths and misconceptions dispelled, there should not be anything else preventing you to create your own book anymore!